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The college has an Alumni Association which enrols each passed out student as its member.
The aims of the Abhinav Alumni Association of Abhinav Polytechnic are as under:
1. To foster and keep up a sense of fraternity and good will among the Ex-students of the
2. To refresh their pleasant memories of the student career and to inculcate a sense of pride
for their alma-mater( the institution from which you are graduated
3. To maintain a record of their property and their contributions to the field of engineering
4. To serve as a link of introduction of the present students of the institution to its old
5. To hold annual meeting and ordinary meeting in order to discuss: –
i. Development of the activities of the Association and work for the betterment of the
ii. Interesting topics relating to the Engineering profession.
6. To assist in recruitment of students.
7. To recognize the distinguished services of its alumni. To guide and advice unemployed
students in finding employment, self-employment, in establishing cottage industries and
small scale industries etc.
8. To organize programs on personality development, interview techniques, leadership
development, education on health, science, yoga, culture, literature, sports and similar
other activities.
9. To establish library, study center and new laboratories to help engineering students.
Full Names, designation, occupations and nationality of the first managing committee to whom
management and administration of Alumni Association of Abhinav group of Institutions is
entrusted as per Rules and Regulations of the said Association are given as under:

Sr. No.Full NameDesignationBranchCOntact
1Mr. Prashant Jagannath Patil Principal 8888861749
2Mr. Prakash Kumar HEADT&P CELL
3Mr. Aanand NarsaleHODME
4 Mr. Sagar Nigade HODCIVIL
5Ms. Dhumal Jyoti HODCOMP
6 Mr. Lagdive R B HODIT
7Ms. Kharche J R HODE&TC
8Mr. Swanand Pasalkar HODEE
MEMBER: Member means a person who is admitted by the Managing Committee by resolution
and who has paid the membership fees as written hereinafter and who has not resigned or
removed, shall be the member of the association.
MEETING: Meeting means a Meeting of office bearers and/or Members of the association in
which resolutions are passed either unanimously or by majority(2/3rd) for carrying out the
management and affairs of the association. Such meeting shall be treated as Meeting of the
Section 1 – President
The President shall provide the necessary leadership and guidance required to accomplish The
Association’s mission within the guidelines of The Association’s purpose. The President shall
preside at all general, Board, and Cabinet meetings of The Association. The President shall be
responsible for coordinating the planning objectives for the following fiscal year. The President
shall be excluded from voting at any general, Board, and Cabinet meeting of The Association
unless a vote is tied, in which instance the President shall cast the deciding vote.
Section 2 – Vice President
The Vice President shall be responsible for assisting the President as deemed appropriate. The
Vice President shall serve in the capacity of the President in the absence of the President
Section 3 – Secretary
The Secretary shall serve in the capacity of Recording Secretary at all meetings of The
Association to record voting records and business transacted. The Secretary shall be responsible
for giving notice of general, Board, and Cabinet meetings.
Section 4 – Joint-secretary
Joint Secretary means a person who looks after the work of secretary in his absence. He shall be
called a Joint-Secretary of the association.
Section 5 – Treasurer
Treasurer means a person who prepares and maintain accounts of the association and place
before the secretary and extends necessary help in the working of the association. He
shall be called as Treasurer of the association
Section 6 – Honorary member (Ex Officio)
Principal, Abhinav Education Society’s College of Engineering & Technology (Polytechnic )
will be the ex-officio honorary member who will look after smooth functioning
and make available the infrastructure and extend necessary co-operation & overall co-ordination
of activities, increasing moral and boost up deep sense of belonging to the Institute.
Section 7 – Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction means an area for which the associations carry out its activities. It shall be called
jurisdiction of the association. The Jurisdiction of this association shall be all over India. Section
8 – Accounting Year
the Accounting year of this association shall be from 1st April to 31st March.

Alumni Meet 2017



Alumni meet 2017 was held at Abhinav Education Society College of Engg & Technology on 15th January 2017.
The Principal Mr. Prashant J. Patil presided over this occasion.
The following points were discussed during the meeting:

1) Fixing a date for the alumni meet.
There is no well defined date for the Alumni Meeting.
This has caused a lot of confusion for deciding Alumni Meetings. We have to have a well defined meeting date.
2) How many meetings?
How many alumni meetings we should have every year? One or two?
3) Representation of every batch in the alumni association/executive should be mandatory.
4) Finding contacts of senior alumni in all companies and passing that on to T&P Cell.
5) Election of new office bearers to Alumni Executive Committee.
6) Vision Document.
Have to prepare a vision document for the Alumni Association. On which direction we should go and where we should have reached till now.
7) Alumni Website not maintained. Somebody has to be in charge of the website. Both from alumni side and from College.
8) Letter Informing alumni activities for students joining and leaving the college.

  • Alumni chapters should be held in Pune making most of our working Alumni to attend the meet in comfort.
  • Alumni assured to provide financial support to needy students by means of paying necessary text books & Industrial Exposures.
  • Supporting Abhinav management in organising industrial visits.
  • Giving guest lecture by our alumni.