“Where there is a will, there is a way”. Probably you heard this familiar phrase more times that you can recall. Whenever there is 100% commitment to any endeavour, you will surely find a way to get the job done. There is no great talent without willpower. To convert India from developing to a developed country; syst ematic and sincere efforts are required. Engineering stream has to support these developments by accepting technological challenges.

Going beyond the confines of the classroom and established curricula, we at Abhinav would encourage the latent scientific talent of the young engineers, so as to facilitate them to produce newer technics in the field of engineering.

Expert and valued exposure in the industrial sector would be hallmark of our commitment to produce best results from available resources, leading to excellence and brightest careers for our students.

Always remember: Only consistency in life, is change. You have the strength and willpower to attain the goals, recognize your inner strength and rise to develop yourself.

Founder President
Rajeev Jagtap